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Our Trichologist Specialist specializes in services catered towards women & men suffering from Hair Loss. Studies shows that nearly 40% of all women & men will experience some form of hair loss by the age of 40. We know how disheartening hair loss can be, even devastating for some women. Most women begin to notice hair loss in the form of thinning across the edges, a widening part, or bald patches throughout the head. If you see any of these symptoms or an increase in the amount of hair falling out it is not too late to take action. All of our services offered are designed with a medical holistic approach ensuring only the best results that benefit both the beauty & wellness of our clients.


what causes hair loss?

There are many causes of Hair Loss for both women & men. The most common cause is androgenetic alopecia which is a genetic predisposition to hair loss. Other common causes of hair loss include...

  • Age 

  • Conditions and disorders 

  • Illness/Disease

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Changes in Hormone Levels

  • Pregnancy/Post Natal

  • Diet 

  • Medications and Prescription Drugs

  • Excessive Chemical Treatments

  • Harsh Styling Practices


  how we can help

We offer a variety of Holistic (Chemical free) Hair Loss Solutions depending on your specific diagnosis, needs, and desires. Choose between our all natural hair growth stimulation treatment, scalp restoration treatment, our custom handmade full lace wig units, and of course our signature total hair styling transformations all customized specifically for your needs. 

During our thorough hair & scalp consultation, we will discuss and discover the possible root cause/s contributing to your specific hair loss condition, the best treatment options available to you, and a customize treatment plan to improve your symptoms as they pertain to hair loss and hair regrowth.

Schedule your confidential consultation with us today with our hair loss specialist for the upmost confidentiality.